The American Assisted Living Nurses Association (AALNA) is a professional nursing association representing assisted living registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and licensed vocational nurses. Our number one goal is to promote safe, effective, and dignified nursing practice in assisted living. With over one million older adults residing in assisted living communities and given the actual and potential increase in the nature and intensity of their health and personal care needs, the demand for licensed nurses in this domain is making assisted living one of the fastest growing segments in the nursing spectrum. As such, we hold ourselves accountable for our nursing practice.

AALNA was formed in June 2001 by a group of assisted living nurses and is still operated only by nurses currently practicing in the field. We have developed two distinct Scope and Standards of Practice statements for assisted living nurses (one for RNs; one for LPN/LVNs) that draw on principles of gerontological nursing, as well as a certification exam with demonstrated validity and reliability. Through this, we have started the process towards assisted living nursing professional certification as a specialty practice. In addition, AALNA has held nine national conferences for which continuing education credits have been awarded.


About Our President, Calvin Groeneweg, RN C-AL

Calvin PictureMr. Groeneweg is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience.  In addition to being a Registered Nurse, Mr. Groeneweg also carries the designation of Certified Assisted Living Nurse (C-AL). Mr. Groeneweg has experience in nursing administration, staffing, and admissions at Summit Medical Center of Oakland, and has been a Director of Risk management at Magnolia. Currently, he is working as a Director of Risk Management for NCPHS. In addition, Mr. Groeneweg has operated a 44 bed Residential Care Facility for the Elderly in Napa, CA for the past 21 years that is dedicated to serving the needs of those with Dementia.

Mr. Groeneweg is very active in the Assisted Living industry.  He was a member of the Little Hoover Advisory Commission on Long Term Care, and has consulted for various attorneys and organizations on issues facing Resident Care. Mr. Groeneweg is not only the current President of the American Assisted Living Nurses Association (AALNA), but is also a founder member.

As one of AALNA’s founding members, Mr. Groeneweg has played a significant role in growing membership to over 3000 nurses in 50 states. Throughout his 13 years of involvement with AALNA, he and the board of directors have served members by cultivating parnterships and collaborations with other organizations to provide resources and opportunities for education and networking for our individual and corporate members. In years to come, Mr. Groeneweg will strive to increase the visibility of AALNA and inform more nurses about AALNA what it does for nurses in assisted living.