Mentor of the Year Recipient, Esther Nederhood

Congratulations to Mentor of the Year Recipient, Esther Nederhood

Esther_BOEsther Nederhood, RN, CDP, C-AL was awarded AALNA’s first Ethel Mitty Scholarship. She is the owner and operator of the Belle Oaks Living Center in Lake City, Michigan. For the last 10 years, Esther has been dedicated to improving the lives of the residents and staff who call the Belle Oaks Living Center home. She ensures that her residents and staff feel at home, feel comfortable, and feel safe. When asked about her special contributions to the center, Esther said that her main goal is to put smiles on people’s faces, and “When you walk in her building, you feel the love.” Esther not only creates a nurturing environment for her staff and residents, but also brings an extensive knowledge of the nursing process, assessment and the creation of meaningful interventions to promote health and quality of life for her residents and staff. Esther received her nursing education from Ferris State University, is a Certified Assisted Living Director, a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP), and a Certified Assisted Living Nurse (C-AL).

The State of Michigan Center for Assisted Living honored Esther with the Mentor of the Year award on September 15th, 2014. Esther received this award because she has been such an inspiration to her staff that ten different staff members wrote to the Norman Rapp mentor recognition program to nominate Esther for the award.  This award can be given yearly, but may not always be given, so it is a noteworthy honor to be recognized. Marianne Vander Meulen, the Executive Director at Belle Oaks Living Center, describes Esther as “A true mentor,” and “The definition of a mentor.” When asked why she thought Esther received this award, Marianne told story after story of Esther’s generosity, support, and teaching ability. From all of us here at AALNA, congratulations and thank you for continuing to be a role model for all nurses working in assisted living.