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Merrill Gardens Joins AALNA as Corporate Member

Devoted to going above and beyond to keep its residents living the best life possible, Merrill Gardens Senior Living has joined the American Assisted Living Nurses Association (AALNA). By aligning with AALNA, the only nurses association focused on promoting effective nursing practices in the assisted living industry, Merrill Gardens is further exemplifying their commitment to quality care and ongoing staff development.

Florida become the Newest AALNA State Chapter

The American Assisted Living Nurses Association (AALNA) added a new state chapter, official January 9, 2015. With over 3,000 assisted living facilities located in the state of Florida, there was an overwhelming push by the nurses of these facilities to form an AALNA State Chapter in Florida. With the guidance and support of AALNA President, Calvin Groeneweg, and National Board of Directors Member, Deb Choma, local assisted living consultant, Donna Crivaro, RN, BS, CRNI, C-AL and Gail Matillo, MPA, the Executive Director of the Florida Assisted Living Federation of America, brought together a group of over 75 assisted living nurses to meet and surpass charter membership criteria and create the AALNA Florida Chapter.


Ethel Mitty Commemorative Scholarship

Ethel Mitty Commemorative Scholarship

To honor Ethel’s contribution to nursing and her emphasis on and involvement in the recognition of Assisted Living Nursing as its own specialty, AALNA has created The Ethel Mitty Commemorative Scholarship.

AL Nurses

Making the Voice of Assisted Living Heard

Ensuring that the voice of assisted living nurses is heard loud and clear as a part of national policy discussions related to assisted living is a national priority for AALNA. AALNA is actively involved in national policy discussion.

Brookdale Corporate Member

Brookdale Joins AALNA as Corporate Member

Committed to quality care for residents, Brookdale has joined the American Assisted Living Nurses Association (AALNA). As a corporate member, Brookdale provides all of its nurses with the benefits of membership.


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